A workshop series that focuses on the future where touch is no longer the primary user interface.

As Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other voice assistants become evermore ubiquitous, find out how your brand can stay relevant with customers.

Is Alexa / Google Assistant really for my company?

I do not want to jeopardize my brand image. Can I make sure to get a voice application of high enough quality?

Aren’t users highly concerned about their privacy? What are our customers’ attitudes towards being listened to all the time?

Isn’t it better to wait one more year and see where the voice market is going?

What is the ROI for developing a voice application? Are there any tangible short term gains?

These are the kind of questions our partners are concerned with - Questions that need to be answered when thinking about moving into this innovative field of brand-customer interaction. In our workshop series we tackle these questions effectively and in detail. Leveraging design thinking methodologies, we swiftly arrive at answers tailored to the specific needs of each single application field.

What is a Voice User Interface?

"Alexa, wake me up tomorrow morning at 7 a. m. with BBC," "Siri, when is my meeting today?" or "Okay, Google, show me the way to the next supermarket!" We have all come into contact with Voice before, sometimes even without being aware of it. Instead of typing, clicking and scrolling, we use an intuitive and much faster resource: our voice. We speak to enter and receive information quickly and easily on our smartphone, laptop or other end device. But unlike the tinny computer voice, which we encountered mainly in the 1990s with service requests at the other end of the telephone line, nowadays well-designed voice applications no longer perform static queries, but conduct genuine, flexible conversations with the user.

Why Voice?




As speech recognition accuracy goes from 95% to 99%, all of us in the room will go from barely using it today to using it all the time. Most people underestimate the difference between 95% and 99% accuracy. 99% is a game changer.

Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu

Who are we?

VUI.agency, headquartered in Munich, is a leader in the field of Voice User Interface Design and, with experienced Voice Architects from the fields of linguistics and journalism, offers the perfect conditions to create the best possible user experience for voice applications. Technically, the team of VUI.agency builds on decades of experience in the areas of content management systems and scalable infrastructures. With this symbiosis of voice design and technical know-how, VUI.agency guarantees smooth functionality when implementing innovative ideas on the interface of the future.

For whom are these workshops?

Marketing Managers
Brand Managers
Innovation Managers
Decision Makers

"We are getting more acclimated to devices that respond to your voice instead of your finger. Voice and AI are the two most important things that we should be paying attention to."

iPhone co-creator Andy Grignon

Voice Assistants that we are Experienced with